Monday, October 21, 2013

Sao Paulo Cycling: There Is Hope

Where I currently reside in Sao Paulo there is virtually no place to cycle: The hills could be cycled but the road is too dangerous what with speeding cars and no shoulder. Thus, I choose not to venture into the road for anything. What I do is cycle on the sidewalk which means dismounting at just about every intersection because of the high curbs.

The neighborhood is also not great for "walking about". Besides the possibility of crime in the evening there just are very few cafes, restaurants or places of interest.

The solution: A move to Moema, which is an area in what would be called the downtown area. Sao Paulo is so spread out like Los Angeles that there really isn't a downtown like New York, London, San Fracisco, etc.

We found a place last week and are due to move Oct.24th.

Cycling will become almost a part of my daily routine.

There is Iberapuera Park which is only 4 blocks from the new "flat" and has a 2+ mile bicycle trail around the park.

There is the "Ciclista" river trail which is about 3 miles cross town and is a good 15km to 20km end to end. So I have to smell the stinky river. I can do that now and then.

So after 2 months of cycling a decent ride only on Sunday's when I could take my bike on the subway to the river trail, there is hope at the end of the tunnel...or at least a few blocks away.

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