Friday, January 24, 2014

Peru & Argentina

Sue's school, Graded American School, in Sao Paulo takes a big break over the Christmas and New Year holidays: Almost 5 weeks.

For those weeks Sue put together two trips: First to Peru for 10 days. Home for a few days to do wash. Then 14 days in Argentina.

Blog post (ahem) force me to document our journeys, which personally is a good thing.

Feel free to drop in anytime for some thoughts, memories and photos of:


Cusco: The city used as a jumping off point to Machu Picchu and has a great town square.

Machu Picchu: My words will pale in comparison to the physical awe of this place. Aliens I'm sure.

Courtesy Flipkey

Ollantaytambo: More ruins and one of the most interesting salt mines ever.

Lima: How to almost spend a 10 hour layover exploring Lima.


El Calafate: Hikes and the Moreno Glacier.

El Chaltan: More hikes and vistas.

Ushuaia: "Fin Del Mundo" End of the World. How low can you go?

Buenos Aries: The "Paris" of South America and oh my, the steaks! (Sorry vegetarians, but they were awesome.) Not to mention the Palace of Papa Fritas.



Renge' said...

More, more! What a teaser, Joe--gorgeous pics and the tiniest commentary ever...Think we'll still get you home again after such spectacular sights nearby?! The bike shop needs you :)
Been the strangest winter ever...from super cold to very mild, hardly any snow and the mountains are shivering in their thin coats. Will be a drought this year if we don't get to share some of those crazy
winter storms the NE has been "enjoying." Still selling recumbents though, great news, the rent is getting paid! Miss you guys. Oh, we took a Sunriver spin last weekend and looked for your house to send a little status report...couldn't remember what street--oops! Hugs to both, R n M

Joanne Petithory said...

Wonderful post, Joe! Cheers, jobob.