Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Did A $tarbuck$

A very short "Every Wednesday" post on a Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The other day I did "A $tarbuck$". Not that I haven't been to a $tarbuck$. Every now and then I get an urge for a "Mocha". I do a pop in and pop out in a coffee bean moment.

But on this day the internet was down in the building and I knew the Starbucks up the street has WiFi. Tablet in hand off I went to have a couple of unexpected experiences.

The first was while I was waiting for my name to be called by the barrista. A guy heard me speak to the cashier and says to me: "American?". My usual reply: "Yup. From Oregon. Know where Oregon is?" Most foreigners don't, but they do know California, so the conversation usually from me: "Know where California is?" Usually a positive reply. I then say something like: "Oregon is right above California on the western coast of the U.S."

The guy was from Sao Paulo and curious about why I was in Sao Paulo, etc. A very friendly guy and we had an entertaining conversation.

"John?" Yells the barrista. No John shows up. "Is that a mocha?" Mine. The cashier spelled "Joe" as J O H N. Close enuff.

Off to sit at a table. The Starbuck$ thing I've never really done.

Can't get linked to the WiFi. Noticed a guy working away at a computer. Maybe he speaks some English. Sure enough. Fluent English. Plus he knows A LOT about Android systems and proceeds to clear my overload memory, delete a bunch of streaming not needed apps, and set me up to log in. An offer to buy him a coffee is graciously turned down.

So now I'm doing the Starbuck$ thing: Sitting at a table with my tablet, sipping my mocha and kicking back.

There are seven tables occupied: Six of them have someone either on an electronic device of some type. Is everyone's internet off at their home? No I realize because whenever I'm in a Starbuck$ there's always a lot of people sitting with a drink and working on a computer of sorts.

I do the same catching up on email and reading some of my favorite blogs. I also people watch.

A mother and daughter sit with the mom having a small demitasse while the daughter downs a frapa.....yup one of those.

A man and woman spread out a huge pile of index cards and open what looks like identical iPads. They are obviously working on something and I'm wondering: With today's programs why do they have hundreds of index cards instead of having all that data stored at the flick of a key?

A guy opens what is obviously a Kindle and begins reading.

My table faces a window opening onto the street where I can watch a stream of humanity passing by and I'm instantly guessing what each is doing and of course forming stereotypical opinions, even though I try to not do that.

After awhile I realize I'm actually "doing a Starbuck$".

I enjoyed it almost as much as the Mocha, which by the way I ordered as a "small". I still can't get used to Tall, Grande, etc. A Tall can't be a small. Can it?

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Just a quick post today but something that can help you keep your bike. A friend recently had a bike stolen and I remembered this video. Maybe it will help you keep your bike.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo Brazil

Our move from Morumbi, SP to Moema, SP included a nugget: Ibirapuera Park is only a few blocks from our flat. The difference between a "flat" and an "apartmento" is that a flat is often a serviced small unit for rent for under a year. An "apartmento" often will not be rented for less than a year and more often for a term of 39 months. For the SAHS (Stay At Home Spouse) or also called a "trailing spouse" such as myself who is definitely obsessed with cycling, having Ibirapuera Park this close will make the stay in Sao Paulo so much more enjoyable. Ibirapuera Park is known as Sao Paulo's "Central Park". Umm...I used to live in New York City and visited Central Park frequently. Nice try Sao Paulo, but.......

The redish pinkish line is the 1.8 mile bike path. View a typical almost daily ride here: GPS Ibirapuera Park Ride

On any day there are cyclists, skaters, joggers, families pushing strollers, walkers, gawkers, and the ubiquitous vendors selling what appears to be the flavorite drink of Paulista's (Sao Paulo folks): Coco Water.

The photo at the end shows the building featuring a photo exhibit by Karl Lagerfeld titled "The Little Black Jacket". As we are viewing the photos there is a photo of a man from the front next to a photo shot from the back of a woman. Sue says: "Look they are wearing the same jacket." I look at a few photos and say:"They are all wearing the same jacket." Then the title of the exhibit hit me: Doh. No, we weren't invited to the opening.

Some scenes from the park. Where trees have fallen, the tree has been turned into a playful sculpture of sorts.

 photo SPPark131102_012_zps1c1c3f7c.jpg photo SPPark131102_021_zpsdca32def.jpg photo SPPark131102_022_zps26803fc6.jpg photo SPPark131102_014_zpsebbde06d.jpg photo SPPark131102_013_zpscd2f01bc.jpg photo SPPark131102_020_zps8ae17890.jpg photo SPPark131102_030_zps3c8c81ac.jpg photo SPPark131102_009_zpsd9149a72.jpg photo SPPark131102_028_zpse35a8870.jpg photo SPPark131102_026_zps3fd85016.jpg