Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo Brazil

Our move from Morumbi, SP to Moema, SP included a nugget: Ibirapuera Park is only a few blocks from our flat. The difference between a "flat" and an "apartmento" is that a flat is often a serviced small unit for rent for under a year. An "apartmento" often will not be rented for less than a year and more often for a term of 39 months. For the SAHS (Stay At Home Spouse) or also called a "trailing spouse" such as myself who is definitely obsessed with cycling, having Ibirapuera Park this close will make the stay in Sao Paulo so much more enjoyable. Ibirapuera Park is known as Sao Paulo's "Central Park". Umm...I used to live in New York City and visited Central Park frequently. Nice try Sao Paulo, but.......

The redish pinkish line is the 1.8 mile bike path. View a typical almost daily ride here: GPS Ibirapuera Park Ride

On any day there are cyclists, skaters, joggers, families pushing strollers, walkers, gawkers, and the ubiquitous vendors selling what appears to be the flavorite drink of Paulista's (Sao Paulo folks): Coco Water.

The photo at the end shows the building featuring a photo exhibit by Karl Lagerfeld titled "The Little Black Jacket". As we are viewing the photos there is a photo of a man from the front next to a photo shot from the back of a woman. Sue says: "Look they are wearing the same jacket." I look at a few photos and say:"They are all wearing the same jacket." Then the title of the exhibit hit me: Doh. No, we weren't invited to the opening.

Some scenes from the park. Where trees have fallen, the tree has been turned into a playful sculpture of sorts.

 photo SPPark131102_012_zps1c1c3f7c.jpg photo SPPark131102_021_zpsdca32def.jpg photo SPPark131102_022_zps26803fc6.jpg photo SPPark131102_014_zpsebbde06d.jpg photo SPPark131102_013_zpscd2f01bc.jpg photo SPPark131102_020_zps8ae17890.jpg photo SPPark131102_030_zps3c8c81ac.jpg photo SPPark131102_009_zpsd9149a72.jpg photo SPPark131102_028_zpse35a8870.jpg photo SPPark131102_026_zps3fd85016.jpg

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