Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Paraty Brazil: View From A Window

The “Graded School” where Susan works in Morumbi, Sao Paulo, sponsored a getaway weekend for all the new hires to do a bit of bonding. The school provided the bus for the winding 8 hour bus ride. Then we were on our own. The locale: Paraty, Brazil.

Our “posada” was built in the late 1800’s and is situated in the “old town” area of Paraty. Walking into our room was like walking back in time to the 1800’s: The furniture was old, very old, the floor was warped and wavy, and the windows….well the windows weren’t. They were openings with big wooden shutters that opened in and the opening led onto a very small balcony, not unlike the balconies on Bourbon Street in Nawlins.

Standing on the balcony on the day we were to leave I kept looking at different views from that window and enjoying how much there was to see from that window. I felt like a traveler who just stepped off the stage coach.

So I thought: “What can I see in a few minutes?” The photos below show those views. More about Paraty next Wednesday. Click on a thumbnail to open the image in large view and a slide show in another tab or (ahem) window of its own.

 photo 13Paraty_041_Sm_zps2917ba54.jpg photo 13Paraty_042_Sm_zps41339704.jpg photo 13Paraty_040_Sm_zps9ad1a271.jpg  photo 13Paraty_048_Sm_zps072be1bd.jpg photo 13Paraty_047_Sm_zpsc8970442.jpg photo 13Paraty_049_Sm_zpsf5aa7ead.jpg  photo 13Paraty_043_Sm_zps26bb5ad7.jpg photo 13Paraty_045_Sm_zps91703416.jpg photo 13Paraty_046_Sm_zps5a4dc9f9.jpg