Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The String Be Broken

Twenty six days. A new personal record of number of days ridden in a row, but I didn't make my goal of 31 days of cycling in May.

Truth be told, burn out got to me. Unlike someone who commutes, I didn't have to bike anywhere.

I woke up Saturday, May 22nd, to a cold, gray day and there was no fire burning either in the fireplace or me. Kept looking outside and said, "I should go ride. Just 6 miles." The lips moved; the body did not.

Unlike where I live in Oregon where there are myriad places to cycle and explore, here in Johannesburg my cycling mostly is around and around the condo complex. Truth be told: It's exercise.

I'll fudge it. No one will know. Oh wait. Someone will know: Me.

I decided to take a break and instead of riding my bike, I picked up a book.

Time to exercise the mind.

The body will just have to wait its turn.

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