Monday, May 02, 2011

May 2, 2011: Day 2 of 30 Cycling Days

With a cold dreary morning I wasn't too keen (bad pun) on cycling today, but around 10 the good ol' sol popped out of the clouds.

It's a holiday in South Africa: May 1st is "Workers Day" but because it fell on a Sunday, they holiday is today, Monday. So workers day is a non working day. Good for mountain biking because the "Nothern Farm" is open only on week ends and holidays.

Very few folks at the farm. I was always wonder: "What if I do a header and there's no one come by to claim the body until the next week end?"

A good workout for a scant 8.2 miles but it's off road and singletrack. My bod says 1 mile of hilly singletrack is 4 to 5 miles of easy peasy road cycling.

Day 2 in the books.

Love for saving tracks. Drag your cursor along either the route or profile to see what's up....or down.

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