Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vietnam Sa Pa By a Wall Slowly

In the village of Sa Pa many of the Hmong sell their wares to the tourists. In one way I felt like someone outside a fishbowl in that here I am, Joe American, enjoying the beauty of these people while they toil away to sell to the tourist.

There are various tribes some called RED Hmong, others BLACK Hmong and I think I read about FLOWER Hmong. Some Hmong information: .

One Hmong woman hung her blankets and items on a wall across from where I was sitting. As locals and tourists walked in front of "The Wall" which was on an incline going uphill into town I was enjoying the images. In some cases it was a struggle pulling carts and in others tourists gleefully bounded upwards.

I started to shoot thinking this would make a nice travelogue when a giant delivery truck pulled right in front of the wall to deliver goods. I waited 1.5 hours but the truck didn't move.

I did.

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