Sunday, February 01, 2009

Vietnam Hoi An & Hue


Hoi An: Shoulda spent a week here!! Alas, we only stayed about 1.5 days but what a time it was and a time it was.

Our hotel was tucked in a corner down a street but had world class charm at carriage class prices. The name? Right. I'll get that as soon as I get that.

If I ever go back to Viet Nam this IS the one place I'll return to:

  • Meandering streets full of interesting places and charm
  • Colorful interesting buildings
  • Doors. I love to photograph doors. I did this long before those multi windos poster and door posters were made. Yeah, I had that idea but did nothing with it. He who hesitates is....
  • Boat people. Hoi An is on the water and I loved watching the migration of people, wares, animals back and forth from the islands
  • Arteests. Saw some of the best lacquer and art work here. So why didn't I gather up a horde and take some home? Slaps self
  • Food!! Scrumptous food at the restaurants we visited and those were only a few
  • Shoes!! You'll read about Sues Shuz later.
  • Beaches....nice. I think they looked better than Phu Quoc island.

Going to write this in Hemingway if I could write like Hemingway.

Bike ride around Hoi An. Leisurely and fun. Dinner walk. Met a couple we met before and then again. Small world. Recommended the "Cargo Club" for dinner. Awesome Cao Lau food. Superb.

Breakfast at the hotel to die for. The presentation was better than the food. One of those times I shoulda taken pics.

History and Cultural Museum. Love the misspelled stuff: Chinese "cooper"coins. Carpenting. Genuis of Cultur. to name a few. However, there was this quote from long ago: "In the coming time, Hoi An will surely be an attractive place for tourists, especially those who want to live in the rightousness of the old town once so merry prosperous and well known." Only written a hundred years ago.

Some remembrances of Hoi An:


Each boat has an eye painted on the bow for the boat to "see".

HAIR PICKING: Saw many women doing this. As one woman said: "Sometimes a curly hair that itches or we pluck out the gray."

BOAT PEOPLE: Packed boats of people coming from the islands to work.

HORSES: The protect the temples and are the guards.

YELLOW HOUSES: Soooooo many yellow houses. One native said "tradtion", but none I could find could tell me from whence tradtion came.

KAO KAO: As Sammy said "..the candy man can.." Many of these men selling candy all around town.

LACQUER: Got a "no no no" from Joe, but I shoulda.

SUEZ SHUEZ: At the last minute Sue decided she wanted a pair of boots because they were so inexpensive. "Boots ready next morning" says woman. Sue says okay and pays. Well, the next morning came....had to go get boots....we leave in what 2 hours. Right boots very, very tight. "I go fix". Boots come back as we're leaving. End of story? Sue gave the boots to her daughter.

Long, long, long bus ride to HUE.

HUE. Eh!! After Hoi An. Major let down. Didn't even take a note.

Get thee to Hoi'll love it.

As for Hue? Fawgedaboutit. Shoulda spent more time in Hoi An.

Next time


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