Monday, September 18, 2006

Would You Like To Be My Neighbor ??

Even Mr. Rogers would have a tough time making neighbors here: The Chinese appear to be very stoic, reserved, and emotion checked.

I ride a very unusual bike called a folding recumbent and I've dubbed it "...the smile and make you wave bike..". It seems to have that effect wherever I ride it. Well now it's almost wherever. Doesn't happen that much here in the outskirts of Shanghai in Zhudi Town, where the Shanghai Racquet Club is located. Wait..that's also my home for the most of the next two years.

I'm thinking because there are soooooooo many types of bikes here, that mine is just another bike. That would be the case if they didn't know that I can see them stop, turn around, sometimes point, smile, giggle in my rear view mirror. As I pass often there is no sign of recognition, until I'm by them. Then the looking glass reveals all.

At least I got to ride around the neighborhood today. Right now I'm a bit hesitant to take pics of people in their environment until I learn how to ask permission in Mandarin. After eight lessons I've learned: "Wah tshong hua ediar toom shee pea jo", which translates to something like "I would like to drink some beer."

SOME PICS (To view large image, double left click on image. Then use back button on browser to return to COGITATION)


russtaitai said...

Nice, Joe. Can't wait to see more pictures. As far as asking permission, you can always do what I do...hold up the camera, smile and point at it, and usually they will nod their assent. Wonder how large the differences are between the Chinese here in Taiwan and the Chinese there in Shanghai.

Foo said...

If you're only going to learn one phrase, it sounds like you've picked the right one.

Beverley's Banter said...

My mom just commented, "Kiddo and Joe's mother would be so proud of him." And that's the truth! I'll be checking your blog regularly so keep the fun and games coming. You are missing all the political madness here and that's probably a good thing. If the Dems don't take back at least one branch of the Congress I'm going to be looking for a nice Buddhist monastery somewhere in Nepal!!! I'll stop and see you on the way perhaps.

Anonymous said...
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sk said...

Hey pops...ill be checking the bliggity blog often! looks good so far. thanks again for everything at the wedding. love ya

"Shang-lo sweet chariot..."