Saturday, September 16, 2006

Good Morrrrrrrrrrrnnning Shanghai

Long story short: I'm in Shanghai because Sue, the better half, is a high school counselor for the Shanghai American School in Zhudi Town, an outer suburb of Shanghai. I'm what's called "..a trailing spouse.." meaning I'm not a teaching spouse, but here on her sponsorship. In other words, she can kick me out of the country.

The view to the left is the view from our balcony at Shanghai Racquet Club, which has all the amenities associated with "Racquet Club". It's definitely the Ying or the Yang, but the opposite of where most "Shanghainese" live, which will be shown later after one of the Friday after school bike trips to places unknown. Unknown because I did one this past Friday, led by Lou, the Middle School PE Instructor. Lou has been here for eight years and probably now knows every backroad, including open sewage pits, to out of the way villages.

What's going to be difficult about this BLOG is to keep the posts about Shanghai life short because there is soooooooooo much to see here. In one short week, I've seen the best and worst of living conditions. A pic as they say is worth a 1,000 words, so this BLOG will have more than its share of links to photo albums.


adouglas said...

China. CHINA?!?!? Geez, a guy turns around and there you go, off again to another exotic corner of the planet. Where next? McMurdo? Deepest Africa? Cheboygan?

I'm sure you'll make your usual great impression wherever you go.

Andy D.

Foo said...

"Trailing Spouse"? Sounds like a PC way of saying "Wheel Sucker". Goobye Dubai; hello Shanghai.

I'm looking forward to following your adventures.