Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cafe Cirque History & BIke Ride

Q3 N2

Ride Description: Out to Cafe Cirque which used to be the winter home of the Boswell Wilkie circus. Now the location houses a cafe, circus memorabilia, and a place to host kids parties with clowns, a petting zoo, ad infinitum.

Left from the Circus and went to the "helicoper", a bunch of what not shops including an old train and helicopter.

Thought I'd get to see some model trains at the "Toy Train" store, but alas not to be. The toy store used to be housed inside a train, thus the name. The owner's daughter said yes they get a lot of people looking for trains, and then they get the explanation how her father named the store. Incredible inventory of model cars and saw some nitro RC cars on the counter for servicing. I could
easily get back into RC racing.

Did 20.9 miles so did some loops in the neighborhood to get a quarter ride (25 miles plus).


Beth said...

That's awesome! Are there many recumbent bikes out there? I am interesting in hearing how they hold up with the terrain!

Anonymous said...


Recumbents are fine on any terrain. Big hills are a bit slower than DF bikes, but the downhills and flats are faster.

Plus: You're always comfortable.