Monday, June 13, 2011

Reasons Not To Get A Recumbent

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Reasons to not get a bent!
Surely there are reasons to not get a recumbent bicycle. Since I started in as a rider of a standard bicycle, I feel qualified to suggest excuses for not getting a recumbent so you can resist the urge to purchase one!

If you ride for 20 miles, your butt lets you know that you have ridden a long ride, not like a on wimpy recumbent when you can ride for fifty miles and have no soreness at all.

When you visit a restaurant after a 15 mile ride, you will walk to accommodate the chaffing. Thus it's obvious to the other restaurant patrons that you are a real athlete and must have ridden at least a 'half century'. Compare to the bent rider who rides a half century and walks as if she or he has just been sitting in a car!

Since you wear out bike shorts on a standard bike every couple of months, this gives you an excuse to buy lots of pairs in the latest style. The poor 'bent rider who never wears out bike shorts must find another excuse to buy new ones!

You will continue to pay a large gasoline bill - this helps the companies like Mobil and Chevron to stay in business. Compare to the bent rider who finds it easy to take his/her bike everywhere and pays $25 to $50 a month less in auto fuel. This is not good for the gasoline companies.

You will never have trouble logging too many miles on your bike. Your butt, thighs and private parts will remind you it's time to quit. Compare to those addictive recumbent riders who spend time on their bikes instead of at useful tasks like watching TV.

You will find it easier to cross train because riding an upright bike is not all that comfortable. Compare to the poor bent rider whose bike sings to him/her after a day off of it!

You won't have people bugging you about 'What a cool bicycle that is'. Compare to the bent rider who must keep a supply of cards from the bent dealers to hand out to all their admirers.

When you are out on your bike, your face will be intense (from the pain) and you will look like an athlete. Compare to the 'bent rider who usually has the "recumbent grin" on his or her face.
Hope this has helped you to resist the desire to buy a recumbent. If it hasn't, oh well, succumb to your lower desires and enjoy life more!

Article by SueW

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