Friday, March 16, 2007

What a Long Strange Month It's Been

Now if I could only remember the song with something like that line in it.

Ze Problem has been that for some reason my BLOG would revert to strange characters that looked like this [] [] [] [] [] instead of words. I got it fixed only for it to happen again. After three weeks, I can now see my BLOG again. I was just about to head on over to the Geocities BLOG site, but that really lacks a bunch of features.

So coming to a BLOG, like this one, near you will be.

BALI: Everything you thought it was and more.

CHINESE NEW YEAR: More Bang For Your Buck.

BACCHETTA SUNCOAST RALLY: The passion for a new recumbent was fueled and I can't find a fire extinguisher!!!!


Adrian said...

Truckin' --The Dead

Foo said...

Looking forward to hearing about your latest exploits.

If you continue to have locale problems with Blogger, you might want to check out a WordPress blog. I didn't know it until a few days ago, but they're apparently offering free blog hosting now, as well as their blog software that you can install on your own hosting account.

Foo said...

Telling you that the url is probably would have been helpful, huh?