Friday, February 09, 2007



A walking tour.   One of these days I'm going to do one in New York City again where a tour guide said: "Take a walking tour, but only look up."  You'd be surprised at what you see. 

Got a late start but from one of the guide books decided to head down to Fuxing Park and then to Sun Yat Sen's residence and museum. I've got to go back to Fuxing park and do a complete photo essay. We were short on time, so it was a dash through the park to get to the right street exit. Just some quick glimpses of life in Fuxing (Foo Shing) park.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Figures that the person standing in front the Marx & Engels statue would be wearing a "red" coat.

Leaving the park was a set of rules. Rule 2 was pretty bluntImage

Heading to Sun Yat Sen's residence I came across a photoshoot. It become photographer taking pics of photographer taking pics of photographerImage......

The guide book describes Sun Yat Sen as the equivalent of the U.S. elder statesmen, Benjamin Franklin. Sun counseled young hotheads in his circle--with the tragic difference that Sun's circle was divided. The museum had an excellent collection of personal and political mementos, with enough english sub titles to breach the language gap. Take some time and read about Sun Yat Sen, a fascinating political figure in the history of China. Right down the street was the residence of Zhou Enlai.

Too soon the sun disappeared, literally.

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