Monday, November 13, 2006

Chinese "FROGGER"

"Frogger" was an ATARI game I think during the 80's where you tried to get the frog across a busy highway without the frog getting squished. Seems the Chinese adopted this game in the city of Urumqi as you can see by the pic. Pedestrians will walk or run or hurry or sprint for dear life to one of the lane lines, wait for an opening, and continue ( least try) to the other side.


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Foo said...

So it's a pedestrian lane, kind of.

I read an article somewhere about how some European and Asian cities have adopted chaos as their approach to traffic planning. Instead of separating bicycles and peds from motor vehicles, they throw them all together. The reasoning is that if motorists know they're going to have to dodge peds and cyclists, they drive more cautiously. Their reasoning makes a certain amount of sense, but I'm convinced it would never work in the United States because we're just too selfish to slow down and get off the cell phones. We'd rather take our chances running over someone, betting that a jury of our peers will be just as selfish and will conclude that the cyclist's or pedestrian's death was his own fault.

Not that I'm bitter...